Name Year Authors Link
Towards the implementation of a countrywide K-12 learning analytics initiative in Uruguay 2019 Macarini, L. A., Lemos dos Santos, H., Cechinel, C., Ochoa, X., Rodés, V., Pérez Casas, A., ... & Díaz, P. [Ver]
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Spatial and Temporal Feature Extraction Using a Restricted Boltzmann Machine Model 2019 Jefferson Hernandez, Andres G. Abad [View]
Stable femtocells cluster formation and resource allocation based on cooperative game theory 2019 Katty Rohoden, Rebeca Estrada, Hadi Otrok Zbigniew Dziong [View]
The RAP system: automatic feedback of oral presentation skills using multimodal analysis and low-cost sensors 2018 Xavier Ochoa, Jaime Castells, Federico Domínguez, Bruno Guamán, Ricardo Maya, Gabriel Falcones [View]
Learning from multivariate discrete sequential data using a restricted Boltzmann machine model 2018 Hernandez, J., & Abad, A. G. [View]
Analysis of Correspondences Applied to Vehicle Plates Using Descriptors in Visible Spectrum 2018 Shendry Rosero, Alberto Jiménez [View details]
Looking for Usability and Functionality Issues: A Case Study 2018 Karina Jiménes, Jhonny Pincay, Mónica Villavicencio, Alberto Jiménez [View details]
Towards an indoor navigation system using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons 2017 Fernando Campaña, Adriano Pinargote, Federico Domínguez, Enrique Peláez [View details]
Automated capture of paper-based evaluations to provide early feedback to students 2017 David Jurado, Ricardo Maya, Federico Domínguez, Xavier Ochoa [View details]
Smart objects for engineering labs: Boosting exploratory learning in higher education 2017 Hernán Ullón, Dick Zambrano, Federico Domínguez [View details]
A partial reconfiguration based microphone array network emulator 2017 Bruno da Silva, Federico Dominguez, An Braeken, Abdellah Touhafi [View details]
Smart Objects in Education: An Early Survey to Assess Opportunities and Challenges 2017 Federico Domínguez, Xavier Ochoa [View details]
Gamification and learning performance: A systematic review of the literature 2017 Margarita Ortiz, Katherine Chiluiza, Martin Valcke [View details]
Gamification in computer programming: Effects on learning, engagement, self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation 2017 Margarita Ortiz, Katherine Chiluiza, Martin Valcke [View details]
An adaptive NMF topic modeling approach 2017 Johnny Torres, Alberto Jimenez, Sixto Garcia, Enrique Peláez, Xavier Ochoa [View details]
Characterizing discussions in spanish wikipedia talk pages 2017 Johnny Torres, Alfonsina Ochoa, Alberto Jimenez, Sixto Garcia, Enrique Peláez, Xavier Ochoa [View details]
A Centralized Control of Movements Using a Collision Avoidance Algorithm for a Swarm of Autonomous Agents 2017 Kleber Loayza, Pedro Lucas, Enrique Peláez [View details]
Exploring On-time Automated Assessment in a Co-located Collaborative System 2016 Vanessa Echeverría, Gabriel Falcones, Jaime Castells, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
Towards a distributed framework to analyze multimodal data 2016 Vanessa Echeverría, Federico Domínguez, Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
MEMS microphones for wireless applications 2016 Jelmer Tiete, Federico Domínguez, Bruno Da Silva, Abdellah Touhafi, Kris Steenhaut [View details]
Gamification in higher education and stem: A systematic review of literature 2016 Margarita Ortiz, Katherine Chiluiza, Martin Valcke [View details]
Exploring the impact of a tabletop-generated group work feedback on students' collaborative skills 2016 Marisol Wong-Villacrés, Roger Granda, Margarita Ortiz, Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
A tabletop system to promote argumentation in computer science students 2016 Marisol Wong-Villacrés, Margarita Ortiz, Vanessa Echeverría, Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Predictor basado en prototipos difusos y clasificación no-supervisada 2015 Vásquez, A., Peláez, E. and Ochoa, X. [View details]
2015 Multimodal Learning and Analytics Grand Challenge 2015 Worsley, M., Chiluiza, K., Grafsgaard, J.F. and Ochoa, X. [View details]
Adquisición del Conocimiento en el Proceso de Composición Musical en Base a Técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial 2015 Efraín Astudillo, Pedro Lucas, Enrique Peláez [View details]
Human-Machine Musical Composition in Real-Time Based on Emotions Through a Fuzzy Logic Approach 2015 Pedro Lucas, Efraín Astudillo, Enrique Peláez [View details]
Multimodal Selfies: Designing a Multimodal Recording Device for Students in Traditional Classrooms 2015 Federico Domínguez, Katherine Chiluiza, Vanessa Echeverria and Xavier Ochoa [View details]
A Tabletop System to Promote Argumentation in Computer Science Students 2015 Marison Wong-Villacres, Margarita Ortiz, Vanessa Echeverría, and Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Supporting the assessment of collaborative design activities in multi-tabletop classrooms 2015 Roger Granda, Vanessa Echeverría, Katherine Chiluiza, and Marisol Wong-Villacres. [View details]
Mirroring Teachers’ Assessment of Novice Students’ Presentations through an Intelligent Tutor System 2015 Vanessa Echeverría, Bruno Guamán, and Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
A Tabletop System to Promote Argumentation in Computer Science Students 2015 Katherine Chiluiza, Marisol Wong-Villacrés, Vanessa Echeverría and Margarita Ortiz [View PDF]
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Curricular Design Analysis: A Data-Driven Perspective 2014 Mendez, G., Ochoa, X., Chiluiza, K. and de Wever, B. [View details]
Use of a Semantic Learning Repository to Facilitate the Creation of Modern e-Learning Systems 2014 Ochoa, X., Carrillo, G. and Cechinel., C. [View PDF]
Presentation Skills Estimation Based on Video and Kinect Data Analysis 2014 Vanessa Echeverría, Allan Avendaño, Katherine Chiluiza, Aníbal Vásquez, and Xavier Ochoa [View details]
MLA'14: Third Multimodal Learning Analytics Workshop and Grand Challenges 2014 Xavier Ochoa, Marcelo Worsley, Katherine Chiluiza and Saturnino Luz [View details]
Estimation of Presentations Skills Based on Slides and Audio Features 2014 Gonzalo Luzardo, Bruno Guamán, Katherine Chiluiza, Jaime Castells and Xavier Ochoa [View details]
Techniques for data-driven curriculum analysis 2014 Gonzalo Méndez, Xavier Ochoa, Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
En búsqueda de la acreditación ABET: Estrategias exitosas en una institución de educación superior pública de Sudamérica 2014 Katherine Chiluiza, Marisol Wong-Villacrés and Jorge Duque [View PDF]
Analysis of Existing Technological Platforms for the Collaborative Production of Open Textbooks 2013 Ochoa, X., Casali, A., Deco, C., Gerling, V., Frango, I., Fager, J., Carrillo, G., Parra, G., Muñoz-Arteaga, J., Maturana, J., Araya, E. and Motz, R. [View PDF]
Automatic Classification of Answers to Discussion Forums According to the Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy using Text Mining and a Bayesian Classifier 2013 Pincay, J. and Ochoa, X. [View PDF]
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Recomendación de Objetos de Aprendizaje basado en el Perfil del Usuario y la Información de Atención Contextualizada 2013 Ochoa, X. and Carrillo, G. [View PDF]
Expertise Estimation based on Simple Multimodal Features 2013 Xavier Ochoa, Katherine Chiluiza, Gonzalo Méndez, Gonzalo Luzardo, Bruno Guamán and Jaime Castells [View PDF]
An interactive floor for shape-based interactions using a client-server architecture 2013 Gonzalo Luzardo, Bruno Guamán and Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
Diseño e Implementación de un Sistema de Gestión de Contenidos Web Accesibles 2013 Gonzalo Luzardo, Allan Avendaño, Denisse Cayetano and Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
A Web Content Management System to Create Accessible Web Sites 2013 Gonzalo Luzardo, Allan Avendaño, Katherine Chiluiza and Nervo Verdezoto [View PDF]
Automatic Labeling of Forums Using Bloom’s Taxonomy 2013 Vanessa Echeverría, Juan Carlos Gomez, y Marie-Francine Moens [View PDF]
Prototipo de un Foro de Discusión Centrado en el Usuario Educacional 2013 Xavier Ruiz, Miguel Barzallo and Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Large-Scale storage and retrieval of educational metadata using an RDF Store 2012 Ochoa, X., Ortega, A., Carrillo, G. and Villavicencio, C. [View PDF]
Context-Aware Recommender Systems for Learning: A Survey and Future Challenges 2012 N. Manouselis, Xavier Ochoa, M. Wolpers, H. Drachsler, I. Bosnic and Erik Duval [View PDF]
Cognitive and Meta-Cognitive Skills Measurement: What about the Task in Web 2.0 Environments? 2012 Katherine Chiluiza and Vanessa Echeverria [View details]
On the use of learning object metadata: The GLOBE experience 2011 Xavier Ochoa, J. Klerkx, B. Vandeputte and Erik Duval [View PDF]
Need Analysis of the Students in Programming Courses in Latin America 2011 Xavier Ochoa, Cristian Cechinel, Camilo Jimenez, Carlos Arévalo, Erick Araya, Sandro da Silva Camargo, Cláudia Camerini Perez, Katherine Chiluiza, Luis Alvarez and Jorge Morales [View PDF]
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Learnometrics: Metrics for learning objects 2011 Xavier Ochoa [View details]
Sistema Multimedia Interactivo de Búsqueda de Información por medio de una Pantalla Multitouch de Bajo Costo 2011 Andrés Vargas and Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Need Analysis of the Students in Programming Courses in Latin America 2011 Xavier Ochoa, Cristian Cechinel, Camilo Jimenez, Carlos Arévalo, Erick Araya, Sandro da Silva Camargo, Cláudia Camerini Perez, Katherine Chiluiza, Luis Alvarez and Jorge Morales [View PDF]
Potential benefits in the learning process of Ecuadorian Sign Language using a Sign Recognition System 2011 Jose Oramas, Alejandro Moreno and Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
Diseño, Implementación y Evaluación de un Foro de Discusión de apoyo a la educación a distancia en la ESPOL, basado en la ingeniería de la usabilidad y tecnologías del Web 2.0 2009 Xavier Ruiz, Miguel Barzallo y Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Technology for Hearing Impaired People: A novel use of Xstroke pointer gesture recognition algorithm for Teaching/Learning Ecuadorian Sign Language 2009 José Oramas, A. Moreno and Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
Quantitative Analysis of Learning Object Repositories 2009 Xavier Ochoa and Erik Duval [View PDF]
The Ariadne Infrastructure for Managing and Storing Metadata 2009 K. Verbert, G. Parra, B. Vandeputte, J. Klerkx, Erik Duval, V. Ordoez and Xavier Ochoa [View PDF]
Exploratory analysis of the main characteristics of tags and tagging of educational resources in a multi-lingual context 2009 R. Vuorikari and Xavier Ochoa [View PDF]
Automatic evaluation of metadata quality in digital repositories 2009 Xavier Ochoa and Erik Duval [View PDF]
Who we are: Analysis of 10 years of the ED-MEDIA Conference 2009 Xavier Ochoa, Gonzalo Méndez and Erik Duval [View PDF]
Modelo educativo y pedagógico de ESPOL 2009 Katherine Chiluiza, E. Fernández, J. Flores, M. Patiño, L. Benítez and M. León [View PDF]
Quantitative analysis of user-generated content on the Web 2008 Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View PDF]
Measuring learning object reuse 2008 Autores: Xavier Ochoa and Erik Duval [View PDF]
Relevance Ranking Metrics for learning objects 2008 Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View PDF]
Factors Affecting the ICT Adoption in Higher Education 2008 Katherine Chiluiza [View details]
Integracion de REDOUAA a la Federacion Latinoamericana de Repositorios de Objetos de Aprendizaje 2007 Munoz, J., Ochoa, X., Calvillo, E. and Parra, G. [View PDF]
Lessons Learned from an Innovative Approach on an Introductory Entrepreneurship Course 2007 Edgar Izquierdo, Guido Caicedo and Katherine Chiluiza [View PDF]
Samgi: Automatic metadata generation v2. 0 2007 M. Meire, Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View details]
Analysis of user behavior on multilingual tagging of learning resources 2007 R. Vuorikari, Xavier Ochoa and Erik Duval [View PDF]
A Context-Aware Service Oriented Framework for Finding, Recommending and Inserting Learning Objects 2006 Ochoa, X., Ternier, S., Parra, G. and Duval, E. [View PDF]
Towards automatic evaluation of learning object metadata quality 2006 Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View PDF]
Use of contextualized attention metadata for ranking and recommending learning objects 2006 Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View PDF]
Quality Metrics for learning object Metadata 2006 Xavier Ochoa y Erik Duval [View PDF]
Collaborative Learning and ICT: The Flemish Experiences 2005 Martin Valcke, Katherine Chiluiza Garcia, Marijke De Smet, Bram De Wever, Tammy Schellens, Sofie Timmers and Hilde Van Keer [View details]
Frameworks for the automatic indexation of learning management systems content into learning object repositories 2005 Xavier Ochoa, Kris Cardinaels, Michael Meire and Erik Duval [View details]
An In-Service Program for Ecuadorian Teachers. The Innovation of Elementary Education in the Santa Elena Peninsula Project 2001 Martin Valcke and Katherine Chiluiza [View details]