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Last publications:

Name Year Authors Link
Towards the implementation of a countrywide K-12 learning analytics initiative in Uruguay 2019 Macarini, L. A., Lemos dos Santos, H., Cechinel, C., Ochoa, X., Rodés, V., Pérez Casas, A., ... & Díaz, P. [View]
Gamification through leaderboards: An empirical study in engineering education 2019 Ortiz‐Rojas, M., Chiluiza, K., & Valcke, M. [View]
Spatial and Temporal Feature Extraction Using a Restricted Boltzmann Machine Model 2019 Jefferson Hernandez, Andres G. Abad [View]
Stable femtocells cluster formation and resource allocation based on cooperative game theory 2019 Katty Rohoden, Rebeca Estrada, Hadi Otrok Zbigniew Dziong [View]
Analysis of Correspondences Applied to Vehicle Plates Using Descriptors in Visible Spectrum 2018 Shendry Rosero, Alberto Jiménez [View details]
Looking for Usability and Functionality Issues: A Case Study 2018 Karina Jiménes, Jhonny Pincay, Mónica Villavicencio, Alberto Jiménez [View details]