Project that is born from the Ideas Bank, uses a projector and a depth camera to convert any surface into a touch one.

Automatic Feedback of Presentations

Consists in giving an automatic feedback to the students after they make a class' exposition.

Interactive tabletop

Allows the student to create database designs, so the teacher obtains data automatically from their actions.

Gamification in STEM areas

Improve learning performance in engineering students, using gamification.

Human-Machine Musical Composition in Real-Time

Explore musical composition strategies based on artificial intelligence technics for producing musical melodies generated by an autonomous agent that accompanies a harmonic piece given by a human musician in real-time (Musical Improvisation).

Swarm Intelligence: Cooperative Strategies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Explore collaborative mechanism for accomplishing a complex task by using a sensors' network and simple self-organized drones.

Virtual Circuits: An Augmented Reality Circuit Simulator for Engineering Students

Explore the augmented reality capabilities for helping to develop engineering skills considering electrical networks.