Interactive tabletop

What is it about?

Using a multitouch tabletop, an application was made to create database designs, which can be used by engineering students.

Project's phases

This project has had various phases. The first version of the project did not use a multitouch tabletop, but a projector and infrared cameras, to detect the movements of the table. In this phase, pens with markers were used to be detected by the cameras.

The second phase replaced the camers with a Kinect, and now used hands, although pens were still used, but this time were detected by an RGB camera. These pens allowed to make lines, while the hands moved the objects.

The third phase replaced the projector with a 3M multitouch tabletop, although a Kinect was still used, to identify who performed which actions. The application stopped using pens and was reprogrammed to perform all actions with hands.


  • Allow the students create database designs, without using papers and pens.
  • Allow the teachers check in real time the progress of the students.
  • Give an automatic grade to the students.
  • Publish.