How does it work?

Makitouch works with computer vision technology. Educative games are projected on a common table and players interact directly by tapping on the projected objects. Educative games aim to increase the motivation by learning and collaboration among students. Reinforcing the learning in primary education.

Main Features:

  • Educative tools with collaborative approach
  • Improve social skills
  • Innovative Technology

Why is it Innovative?

  • It creates spaces of interaction using high end technology to turn common tables into multi touch surfaces
  • Provides video games oriented towards a collaborative learning approach

What is the need to solve?

Provide support to educators to face the new challenges in contemporary education, increase social and communication skills through its collaborative approach, and create awareness about global relevant topics (solidarity, global warming, etc...), by including these topics in video games.

What is the target audience?

Private and public primary schools interested in including new technologies in their classrooms.