Swarm Intelligence: Cooperative Strategies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Objective: Explore collaborative mechanism for accomplishing a complex task by using a sensors' network and simple self-organized drones.


A simulation and a physical prototype that uses nano drones was developed in order to perform a collaborative task for sowing seeds virtually. This prototype is supported by a Motion Capture system that allows the drones to be positioned in space such way they can be stabilized and oriented for accomplishing the movements assigned by the coordination algorithms and complete the complex activity. The nano drones are communicated with a central workstation which emits radio signals in order to send commands to them and perform the task in a centralized way.



Movement and collision avoidance strategies were developed for performing a cooperative task. These strategies were tested and proved to be robust, scalable, and stable through several trials considering different number of drones for planting virtual seeds, thus these algorithms can be used for any complex activity whose design is based on this proposal and a coordinate system.

2017: A centralized control of movements using a collision avoidance algorithm for a swarm of autonomous agents
Kleber Loayza, Pedro Lucas, Enrique Peláez